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Intruder Alarms

JLS Electrical Services provides piece of mind and protection to your loved ones and property at an affordable price.  We understand everyone's needs are different and there is no "One size fits all" when it comes to providing you with a home security system. 

There's a minefield of information about different types of systems you can have installed.  We have tried and tested lots of systems over the years with pro's and con's to most.  To keep things simple, we design and install just two different types of system.

Bell only

This is our standard intruder alarm system.  It can consist of up to 8-zones incorporating either door contacts or passive infrared remote sensors.  Normally we would suggest a door contact on your main home entrance with a number of PIR's located around your home.  We install a keypad at the main entrance with the alarm control unit located out of site (normally in a bedroom cupboard or loft).  You will have a constant monitored external sounder / strobe unit which will indicate an "Armed Mode" even when the system is not set.  That way potential unwanted guests will see the LED armed mode and will be unaware if the system is set or not.

The keypad can be programed to unique entry/exit codes which only you and your family will know.  We also have available codeless entry system, which in place of the keypad has a remote key fob which can be attached to your keys and just pressed against the receiver as you walk in.

Our engineers can program an internal chime alert which can be set to activate even if the alarm is not set.  This function is great for letting you know is the front door has been opened when you're sat in the lounge.

Self-monitoring system

There are some companies which offer you a 24/7 monitored system which will alert the Police of activation to your system.  For this you pay monthly fees which normally run's into hundreds of pounds each year. 

We can provide a similar system which is self-monitored.  This means, instead of your alarm notifying the security company who then in turn call the Police (and charge you each time), your home intruder alarm simply call's you.  There is no monthly subscription, no monitoring fee or no annual contract.  We simply install a system to the intruder alarm which will automatically call you should an activation take place.  The only price is the cost of a phone call!  Several telephone numbers can be installed and the system will move onto the next number should the call not be answered.

Home security is a very important issue.  We take time to discuss and design a tailored system to suit your needs and your budget.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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